New updates again!

New MTK Tool v.2.0 - released. This is GREAT update. Now full support for all MTK based phones. More than 80% of chinese phones are supported now with our new implemented algorithm. Full managing flashing, unlocking, IMEI change, service commands.

Please go to Support files and download new software Tools, flash files and new Installer.

Don't forget to update signature file.

New software full discription:

- New method implemented - now we support all MTK based 6205 / 6217 / 6219 processors. That mean even if you don't have this model in software list, but you know that your phone based known MCU ( 6205 / 6217 / 6219 processors ) you can manage your phone! What does it mean - it's mean more than 80% of all chinese phones can be supported with our tool even if you cannot see this model in supported model list.
- Auto Calibration Backup ( this is automatic backup which you will get when you connect a phone. All readed backups saves in the folder "Backup" with name which contain phone IMEI, date and time ).
- Init Phone After Process ( after flashing software automaticly starts Phone Init. This is same if you will press after flashing "Do Selected Jobs" ).
- Keep Calibration data ( This is VERY important function. After flashing software autmoticaly save this data, which were saved with first connect into your phone. You will never loose now phone settings). Calibration data contains - frequensy settings, battery settings, LCD, sound.
- Phone Lock ( you can unlock your phone now, after unlocking code will be 1122 and your phone will be unlcoked ).
- IMEI ( You can change IMEI )
- Version ( You can change also )
- Branch
- Barcode
- Restore Calibration Data ( for restoring your calibration data from previoce backup ).

New software screenshot:

Multi-box support ( Developer TEAM )