Motorola V3r & V3v with Boot 0A.52 unlock procedure
V3r / V3v Bootloader 0A.52 /0A.30

Using Smart Clip

when trying to unlock you will get a message this model or software version is currently not supported - well this is partially wrong, it is but not for unlocking - only flashing.


Connect Phone via Testpoint to Smart-Clip.
Hit the Search Button in Smart-Moto
Now go to the Unlock Tab
Now under models - Click V3i
Now click unlock via Testpoint.
Wait for process to finish and close up phone - unlock done.
I have tested this method on the following s/w version and boot:
Boot: 0A.52 - S/W: R4515_G_08.BD.62R - V3r (Vodafone UK - Light Pink)V3R

Using USBSMART V3.9 Cracked

Connect phone with TP
Choose model V3i
Press Unlock button
It will ask u to release Testpoint ( dissconnect TP )
and layback process will take a few secs and voila phone unlocked

Tested: Boot 0A.30VERSION R4515_G_08.BD.43R V3r

This procedure was given by mobileforce so all thanks to him ,,,working 100% tested

But this version R3443U2_G_0EC0.13R can,t support with this method